Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ash Scattering Society Launches Holyland Ash Scattering

Holyland Ash Scattering, a division of Ash Scattering Society LLC, the leading provider of ash scattering services partners with Funeral Directors to offer a unique option of returning ashes to the earth in Holy Land.

Scattering Garden
Arlington, VT, May 29, 2012 -  Holyland Ash Scattering was started in response to the public’s desire to have their sacred earthly remains scattered to the four winds. The company has now made it possible for funeral homes to profit by offering professional scattering services. A new website www.holylandashscattering.com will help guide and educate families. Funeral Directors struggling with declining revenues due to the rise of cremation, now have a unique opportunity to help those that they serve by offering a very  special scattering service. Holyland Ash Scattering has developed a private memorial scattering garden in the Holyland. They will take care of all of the details to arrange safe and secure shipping of the ashes to their office in Israel. The ashes will then be scattered in the most spiritual place in the world. Overlooking the Sea of Galilee, in the hills where Jesus lived and taught, their private memorial garden is a sacred place for a secure, final disposition for all time. To further commemorate the sacred scattering ceremony, the company professionally videotapes and preserves this event on DVD as well as a You Tube download, to give  your client families added piece of mind,  and as keepsake to watch and share with friends and family. A handsome framed certificate of scattering is also included as an heirloom gift from your funeral home.
    Scattering Garden
  • Cremation is increasing at an alarming rate, reducing funeral service revenues. Partnering with Holyland Ash Scattering is one way to help reclaim some of your lost revenue while distinguishing your funeral home and your product offerings.
  • Many families are choosing cremation and more than half of them are considering scattering. You can assist them in providing a professional scattering service that will make the event more meaningful and spiritual, while taking away the burden of trying to figure out the perfect sendoff.
  • Baby Boomers are seeking new and innovative ways to memorialize their lives and passing. They have already embraced scattering as their preferred choice. Now you can offer them the option of being returned to the earth in this special place that marks the birth of civilization.
Our Memorial Scattering Garden
Ash Scattering Society LLC has over twenty years experience working in the funeral service industry. We understand the shrinking margins that funeral home’s face today. We know today’s client families demand up to date options. General Manager Jeff Staab say’s we have developed this service based on 3 core principles:
  1. 1. Comfort: Funeral Directors can provide added comfort to their client families by offering the best possible option for scattering their loved one’s ashes, utilizing the most professional and caring people to perform the service.
  2. 2. Confidence: Often client families are not comfortable handling the scattering of ashes. Plagued by the desire to do it right and not knowing the options is the main reason so many put it off indefinitely. As a result the liability of storing ashes often falls on the funeral home. Offering a professional service will help give families the confidence they need, knowing they made the best choice.
  3. 3. Closure: Making the choice to use a professional scattering service and returning their loved ones to their spiritual roots will provide the much needed closure for client families. Eliminating the need for second guessing and guilt about doing the right thing is a gift that Funeral Directors can give their client families.
The Process:
  • Holy Land Ash Scattering  partners with Funeral Directors in offering the best scattering options to their client families and compensates them well for their recommendation.
  • Holy Land Ash Scattering takes care of shipping the ashes and then performs a dignified scattering ceremony in our own private memorial park in the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee; an area rich in history & spirituality.
  • Holy Land Ash Scattering will also assist in decreasing funeral home’s inventories of ashes. The families you have served in the past can now be given an option. Remove your funeral home from the liability of storing ashes indefinitely. Even if they do not choose our service, you have opened the door to discuss other options and hopefully get them out from under your roof!.
Who We Are:
  • Ash Scattering Society LLC is the industry leader in Ash Scattering worldwide. They are the most trusted, professional and experienced service provider in the funeral service industry.
  • They use  proven marketing strategies and apply them to funeral service for an optimal outcome. They make it easy for funeral professionals and supply all the needed professional marketing materials and documents to offer their services. Services are very affordable to client families and provide a new and needed stream of revenue to Funeral Directors.
  • Their first brand is the Holyland. This was the obvious first choice due to the high percentage of the Christian market who embrace this sacred location. They will be launching other unique brands/locations, utilizing both sea and sky scattering services. Future brands will include sports venues, golf courses and women centric locations. All brands will be professionally managed with a focus on quality, integrity and trust.
Providing client families with cremation choices is what you do. Partnering with Ash Scattering Society LLC gives you the ability to offer families the best scattering option available. By scattering in the Holy Land, families are able to have comfort, confidence and closure knowing that they have assisted their loved ones to complete their journey on earth and return to their spiritual roots to rest undisturbed for all eternity.
For more information visit: www.HolyLandAshScattering.com or contact Jeff@holylandashscattering.com or call 888-720-1961

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to Get Around the House in Your Golden Years

Chair lifts are helpful mobility devices used to transport elderly or disabled people go up and down staircases in a comfortable seated position. Depending upon the type of staircase, there are two types of chair lifts for stairs for residential and commercial buildings. A curved chair lift and a straight one. There are, however, certain factors which make the cost of curved chair lifts more expensive than ones for a straight flight of stairs.

While straight chair lifts are meant for a straight flight of stairs, they usually do not need any structural modification to install them. Chair lifts for stairs that have bends, half landings, corners or turns would need to have a curved chair lift installed. This type of installation would be custom-designed to fit the staircase and therefore involve complex manufacturing processes. Lifts for curved staircases are custom-designed to fit the shape of the staircase, and therefore involves complex manufacturing processes.

The most common stair lift design is chair that glides up and down a rail. There are also specialized lifts for wheelchairs and "perching" models with tall, narrow seats for users with knee problems or narrow staircases.

Chair lifts can cost between $3,000 and $15,000 installed. Some state and government programs may be available to help cover some costs. Your new chair lift may also be eligible for a tax deduction if it was medically necessary and will improve the value of the house.

Chair Lift Suppliers
Finding the right supplier for your chair lift will be essential in a successful install. The company should be able to offer their professional guidance for the proper chair lift for your home or commercial facility. An established company will have factory-trained experts examine your site, usually - free of charge. They can also help install the lift for the lowest possible cost. Reliable suppliers offer durable and flexible models of curved chair lifts along with excellent technical support and maintenance service. If you haven't already considered Stannah stair lifts, you should add them to the list of possibilities. This family owned company has a wide selection range and has been in business for over 100 years.