Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things to Know About Scattering Ashes

Following the cremation of a loved one, there are many decisions to be made. The number one question is, "what will we do with the ashes"?

Industry statistics indicate that traditional funerals are no longer the norm and that more families are opting for cremation. In fact, studies show that the cremation rate in approaching 50 percent and continues to rise.

Of those families opting for cremation, approximately fifty percent will seek to scatter their ashes in a spiritual and meaningful way. However, concerns of violating laws and having their loved ones ashes potentially "trespassing" for all eternity raises some concerns with the bereaved.

While cremation ashes have been known to be scattered in a wide variety of places, not all of those places are legal. For example, it is illegal to scatter cremation ashes in most public parks - particularly national parks. And, likewise, it is usually illegal to scatter cremation ashes over an inland body of water - or any place that is less than 3 miles off shore.

As an option, Holyland Ash Scattering offers a natural and spiritual way to create final closure. Their private and dedicated memorial park in Israel overlooks the Sea of Galilee in the hills where Jesus lived and taught. This serene and sacred place of rest will never be compromised.

Client families are provided a personalized, keepsake video tribute of the scattering service, performed by a knowledgeable and experienced ash scattering professional as well as a tribute certificate of the service. The accompanying keepsake video is an ideal tribute to share with friends and other family members.

Funeral professionals seeking to learn more about ash scattering in the Holyland can contact the company direct to become a partner in providing a special, sensible and uniquely holy final resting place for their families departed loved ones.  

About Holyland Ash Scattering
A division of Ash Scattering Society LLC, Holyland Ash Scattering (HAS) specializes in scattering the cremated remains of loved ones in a private memorial garden in the Holyland in Israel. The company provides packaging for shipping remains, covers the cost of transporting the ashes, a professional scattering service and a personalized video tribute of the service, as well as a tribute certificate. Funeral professionals seeking more information about ash scattering, or that want to become a representative, can visit the company's website at call 888-720-1961.

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